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About Renonovak – General Renovation Contractor

We offer premium renovation and construction services in Montreal and surrounding areas. With over 20 years of experience, our team has the expertise to accomplish quality work on time and within budget.

At Renonovak Solutions, we offer a wide range of interior and exterior remodeling services. Whether you are undertaking a small or large renovation project, our skilled team is ready for any type of home renovations. Our tradesmen are equipped to carry out any residential and commercial renovation projects in Montreal, Laval and the South Shore. At Renonovak we are ready to mobilize our team in the greater Montreal region, surrounding areas and beyond. We also provide building maintenance services and administration to handle the repairs and ongoing maintenance tasks to ensure the proper operations of your commercial complex or residential building.

Our goal is to help you transform your remodeling and construction project into your ultimate dream home. Our team will listen to your remodeling goals and start drafting a design and prepare a proposal based on your budget and expectations.

At Renonovak, we thrive to deliver quality work and reliability to achieve customer satisfaction. Our experienced tradesmen will turn your construction and renovation vision into reality. Choose Renonovak as your general contractor in Montreal and we will ensure the success of your home renovation project.

We provide professional lawn maintenance and snow removal services. Let our experienced professionals take care of the grass mowing, gardening, spring cleaning, shrub trimming and more.  With years of snow removal experience, we have the workforce and use modern equipment to tackle large snowfalls for local businesses and residential services at affordable prices.

We offer professional interior & exterior caulking services. Our caulking services includes sealing & weatherproofing windows, entry doors, vents and bathrooms. Our caulking specialists use commercial grade products to seal openings that will prevent water and air penetrating the walls and foundation and exterior caulking repairs to existing buildings

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